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Spring Convention Report

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Convention

No appointments were made on Saturday the 14th of  May, as this was the day for the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Spring Convention.  To keep up to date with the very latest theories and treatment practices, anyone working within the foot care profession has to attend several conferences during the year, this keeps us up to date with things and is part of the continuous training required for being a licenced professional Foot Health Practitioner.

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners is no longer a voluntary organisation and is now a mandatory body for all Foot Health Practitioners.  This years event took place  at the Windmill Golf and Spa hotel in Allestry near Birmingham and was attended by several hundred foot health professionals from around the country.

After a couple of coffees and a look around the trade stands everyone took their seats as the seminar was opened by John Falkner-Heylings, the educational director of the alliance.  During his speech he welcomed the delegates and praised everyone for the hard work and commitment that members of the Alliance do to make professional foot care in the UK so widely available to people.

The first lecture was provided by Mr David Cartwright, a podiactric surgeon and Fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgeons, who gave a talk about the latest research findings on the removal of corns. This gave all of the audience a great insight into how surgeons deal with corn problems, and how the latest research could change the way that podiatrists treat persistent corn problems.

After a short break we were then treated to a talk and demonstration of how orthontics can be used to treat foot conditions, and how issues with your feet can cause strain and pain in other areas of the body.  Although orthontics are a specialised area of foot care, knowing how they work, how your feet can affect other parts of the body, and how issues with feet can be alleviated by the use of specialist orthontics is essential for foot professionals.

After a rather nice lunch in the hotel restaurant we settled down to the afternoon lectures.  The first one about neuropathy and its causes.  Neuropathy is when a disease affects nerves, which may impair sensation, and movement.  Common in diabetic and also in people with alcohol problems.

The final part of the day was taken up with an enthusiastic in-depth talk about the function and dysfunction of the plantar heel fat pad (It’s the pad under your heel, and is a very important part of your foot, and helps with balance, shock absorbing, blood supply. )

I am sure that everyone learnt a great deal  from the day and brought away with them specialist knowledge that can be used during regular appointments with their customers.

Although we tend to think that things like parts of the foot are fully understood, research is still discovering things about our bodies that were unknown until recently.



Christmas is coming to Barnsley

Barnsley Christmas Events 2015

It will soon be that time of year again.  Christmas cards, Christmas trees, Christmas cake, and Christmas shopping.  So here’s a quick guide to events in Barnsley this Christmas.

Barnsley Christmas Lights

This year the entertainment takes place on Wednesday the 18th of November and starts in the town centre at 5pm. by The Christmas lights will be switched on at 6pm followed by a firework display.

Barnsley Markets Opening Times

Barnsley Markets will be open during the following hours over the Christmas period:

Main market hall and the meat and fish markets are open

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Semi-open market is every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Open markets hare every Tuesday (second hand and collectors) Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8am to 4.30pm.

Cannon Hall at Christmas

If you’re looking for a great Christmas experience then why not take the kids along to see Santa at Cannon Hall.

The Santa Experiences is one of Cannon Halls most popular yearly events.  Take a magical Christmas trailer ride to see Santa and Rudolph before they set off to deliver presents to people around the world.  Cannon Halls Santa experience starts from the 5th of December and goes through to the 24th.  For further information and to book your place please visit


Barnsley Mobile Foot Care Christmas Appointments

We are taking bookings now for the Christmas period.  If you are wanting an appointment before Christmas then we advice that you book as soon as possible.  Appointments slots are being booked up quickly so to make sure you get your feet done before Christmas please call and make an appointment on Barnsley (01225) 496851.








Famous people from Barnsley

Barnsley Born and Bred

To many people Barnsley is just a dark and dreary northern town that has seen better days.  Once one of the main coal producing areas of the UK, Barnsley is now a busy commuter town that produces more traffic than coal.  Set on the Eastern side of the Pennine hills and between the cities of Leeds and Sheffield, Barnsley has also produced more than its fair share of celebrities.

Did you know, for instance, that the World famous Arctic Monkeys studied at Barnsley College?  As did the 1990s band The Darkness.  The heavy metal band Saxon started their rock carrier playing in the local pubs before hitting the big time and becoming one of the most famous bands in the world.

Barnsley also has an array of other notable people ranging from sporting legends to TV personalities.  The list below contains many famous names of people from Barnsley and due to many of them still living in the area then you have a good chance of bumping in to them as they do their weekly shopping in the town centre.

Richard Allen, internationally renown cognitive scientist, specializing in working memory

John Arden (1930–2012), playwright

Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner for England [1]

Josh Bates (1996–), professional speedway rider

Mark Beevers (1989–), footballer, Sheffield Wednesday F.C.

Dickie Bird (1933–), international cricket umpire

Dai Bradley, actor, Billy Casper in Ken Loach’s film Kes

Joseph Bramah (1748–1814), inventor of flushing water closet, Bramah lock and the beer pump

Inga Brooksby (1988–), actress, starred in series Down to Earth

Pete Brown (1968–), beer writer and columnist

Stan Burton (1912–1977), former Wolverhampton Wanderers player, played in 1939 FA Cup Final

Ed Clancy (1985–present), professional cyclist

Wilf Copping (1909–1980), footballer, played for England 20 times

Mark Crossley (1969–present), former Nottingham Forest, Fulham and Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper, currently playing for Chesterfield in League Two

Nick Crowe (1968–present), artist

Shaun Dooley, actor

Kenny Doughty, actor

John Duttine (1949–present), actor

Leonard Knight Elmhirst (1893–1974), philanthropist

Air Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhirst (1895–1982), Commander-in-Chief Royal Indian Air Force, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Guernsey

Joann Fletcher, Egyptologist

Toby Foster, Radio Sheffield presenter, comedian and actor

Brian Glover (1934–1997), actor

Darren Gough (1970–present), cricketer

Brian Greenhoff (1953–2013), footballer, Manchester United and Leeds United

Jimmy Greenhoff (1946–present), footballer, Manchester United and Leeds United

Steve Haigh (1949–present), Barnsley’s first DJ as ‘handsome’ Steve Hanson, Teen and Twenty Club, Barnsley Civic; BBC Radio and TV Journalist Radio Leeds, Radio Sheffield, Radio Newcastle, Look North (Newcastle), Radio Scotland, Radio Bristol/Somerset Sound, Points West (Bristol), Spotlight (Plymouth)

Joanne Harris (1964–present), novelist, Chocolat

David Hirst (1967–present), England international footballer, played for Barnsley before joining Sheffield Wednesday

Stephanie Hirst (1976–present), radio presenter, former host of hit40uk on commercial radio throughout the UK

Geoff Horsfield (1973–present), professional footballer turned coach

Geoffrey Howse (1955–present), actor, local historian and author; student at Barnsley School of Art 1973–75

Dorothy Hyman (1941–present), sprinter

Graham Ibbeson, sculptor, artist, responsible for statue outside NUM Head Offices, Barnsley, and Eric Morecambe statue in Morecambe

Ashley Jackson Artist

Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Henry Bradwardine Jackson, GCB, FRS, 1855–1929, first Sea Lord, May 1915 to December 1916; pioneer of ship to ship wireless technology; born in Barnsley, the son of Henry Jackson, a leading linen manufacturer in the town

Mark Jones (1933–1958), one of the eight Manchester United players killed in the Munich air disaster

Katherine Kelly (1980–present), actress, played Becky Granger in ITV soap opera Coronation Street

Ethel Lang (1900–2015), supercentenarian

Davey Lawrence (1985–present), ice hockey netminder playing for the Sheffield Steelers

Joseph Locke (1805–1860), civil engineer

Stephen Lodge (1952–present), former Premier League referee; retired from top-flight officiating at the end of the 2000–01 season

Baron Mason of Barnsley (1924–present), former Northern Ireland Secretary

Thomas Masters (1899), founder of Thomas Masters Removals – Storage

John Mayock (1970–present), former 1500m runner, member of Team GB

Mick McCarthy (1959–present), former professional footballer and manager of the football club Ipswich Town F.C.; former manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team

Paul McCue (1958–present), author and military historian

Ian McMillan (1956–present), the Bard of Barnsley

CJ de Mooi, panellist on quiz show Eggheads

Chris Morgan, ex-professional football player; formerly played for the town’s football club; now a coach at Sheffield United

Martyn Moxon (1960–present), cricketer who played for Yorkshire and played in 10 test matches for England

Jenni Murray (1950–present), journalist and broadcaster, current presenter of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4

Sam Nixon (1986–present), came 3rd on Pop Idol 2003; former catering student and ex-Holgate School pupil; had a UK No. 1 hit with Mark Rhodes, covering The Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends”; co-host of Saturday morning BBC2 programme TMi with Mark Rhodes and Caroline Flack

Richard O’Dwyer, university student, creator of TV Shack; currently in the process of being extradited to the US on charges of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and criminal infringement of copyright

Jon Parkin (1981–present), professional footballer, playing for Preston North End in the Championship; nicknamed ‘The Beast’

Michael Parkinson (1935–present), talk show host, journalist and television presenter

Paul Quinn (1976-present), member of the band Saxon

Stan Richards (1930–2005), actor

Kate Rusby (1973–present) Folk singer

Arthur Scargill, leader of the National Union of Mineworkers, 1981-2000; founded the Socialist Labour Party in 1996, currently the party’s leader

Harry Leslie Smith (born 1923), author of Harry’s Last Stand (2014) and autobiographical works

John Stones England Defender

James Hudson Taylor (1832–1905), Protestant Christian missionary to China; founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF International)

Tommy Taylor (1932–1958), professional footballer, one of the ‘Busby Babes’ (or Manchester United under the management of Matt Busby) who was killed in the Munich air disaster

Obadiah Walker (1616–1699), academic and Master of University College, Oxford from 1676 to 1688

Charlie Williams (1928–2006), ex-professional footballer and stand-up comedian

Harry Worth (1917–1989), actor, comedian and ventriloquist


You may be wondering why Geoff Boycott is not listed.  The reason for this is that he originates from Wakefield and lived in Woolley, a small village just outside the Barnsley boundary.  Interestingly Boycott used to play for Barnsley Cricket Club, alongside Dickie Bird and Michael Parkinson.


If you can think of anyone who has been left off the list then please let us know by either using the reply box below or by emailing

List of famous people from Barnsley compiled through the use of Creative Commons and available from



Top Ten Foot Facts

Foot Facts


10. The average person takes around 10,000 steps per day.

9.  Each foot has over a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments

8.  Your feet contain around a quarter of a million sweat glands

7.  Each day the sweat glands in a man’s foot can produce up to half a pint of moisture

6.  The male average shoe size in the UK has increased from size 8 to 10 over the past 40 years

5.  Women are four time more likely to suffer foot problems than their male counterparts

4.  Before shoes were invented people had better posture and healthier feet

3.  Wiping a man’s feet with Vodka can stop his feet smelling

2.  You can kill off a verruca by covering it with duct tape

1. By the time you reach 65 you will have spend over 13,000 hours on your feet


These facts can be summed up as follows…

  • Women spend more time on their feet than men
  • Women have more foot problems than men
  • Men have sweaty feet
Now where’s that Vodka…