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Spring Convention Report

Alliance of Private Health Practitioners

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Convention No appointments were made on Saturday the 14th of  May, as this was the day for the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Spring Convention.  To keep up to date with the very latest theories and treatment

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Christmas is coming to Barnsley

Barnsley Christmas Events 2015 It will soon be that time of year again.  Christmas cards, Christmas trees, Christmas cake, and Christmas shopping.  So here’s a quick guide to events in Barnsley this Christmas. Barnsley Christmas Lights This year the entertainment

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Famous people from Barnsley

Barnsley Born and Bred To many people Barnsley is just a dark and dreary northern town that has seen better days.  Once one of the main coal producing areas of the UK, Barnsley is now a busy commuter town that

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Top Ten Foot Facts


Foot Facts   10. The average person takes around 10,000 steps per day. 9.  Each foot has over a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments 8.  Your feet contain around a quarter of a million sweat glands 7.  Each day the

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