Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be a man or a woman that comes to do my feet?
The person who will be attending to your feet is Janet.

How much do you charge?
The cost per visit is just ££22 (SINGLE APPOINTMENT)  DOUBLE appoints cost £35

Are you a registered company?
Yes, Barnsley Mobile Foot Care is fully registered with HMRC as a company.  We are also registered with the Professional Standards Authority as foot health professionals and with the College of Foot Health Professionals.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Just contact us as soon as possible.  We don’t charge for cancellations as we realise that sometimes emergencies can happen.  We will do our best to find you a new appointment that is more convenient for you but cannot guarantee that it will be within the same week.

Do you have a waiting list?
We don’t have an actual waiting list but there may be a waiting time depending on how soon you need your appointment and the amount of appointments on a particular day.

Are you a registered Chiropodists?
Due to the treatment being carried out at your home there is little benefit for using a registered chiropodist. A  Foot Health Practitioner is qualified to do the same procedures as a chiropodist but is not trained in foot surgery, or the administration of anaesthetics (Neither of which can be performed outside of a surgical clinic) If you require specialist treatment that needs to be carried out by a chiropodist/podiatrist then we will recommend this to you.

Is your equipment sterilised?
Each customer has a sealed pack of sterile tools which are rigorously cleaned and stored after each visit.  Each piece of used equipment goes through the same routine to ensure they are sterile. If the item is not disposable then it is cleaned before putting them through a sonic audio cleaner, and a pressurised high temperature autoclave.  They are then packed in sterile containers before being allowed out for use.


Can I claim for my appointment from my health insurance?
Yes, and No.   We do have patients who have successfully claimed their expenses back, but at the present time we are unable to give you a definitive answer. It seems to depend on the insurance company and the type of policy that you have.    If you want to claim from medical insurance then please call your insurance company to check that they will reimburse you and also ask for a receipt when you book your appointment payment.


How often should I have my feet done?

This depends on what problems you are having with your feet.  If you need a verruca or corn removing then you might just need one appointment.  For other issues such as nail cutting then it is best to have a regular appointment so that things don’t get out if hand.  Customers usually make an appointment for once every six weeks.