Spring Convention Report

By | May 16, 2016

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Convention

No appointments were made on Saturday the 14th of  May, as this was the day for the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Spring Convention.  To keep up to date with the very latest theories and treatment practices, anyone working within the foot care profession has to attend several conferences during the year, this keeps us up to date with things and is part of the continuous training required for being a licenced professional Foot Health Practitioner.

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners is no longer a voluntary organisation and is now a mandatory body for all Foot Health Practitioners.  This years event took place  at the Windmill Golf and Spa hotel in Allestry near Birmingham and was attended by several hundred foot health professionals from around the country.

After a couple of coffees and a look around the trade stands everyone took their seats as the seminar was opened by John Falkner-Heylings, the educational director of the alliance.  During his speech he welcomed the delegates and praised everyone for the hard work and commitment that members of the Alliance do to make professional foot care in the UK so widely available to people.

The first lecture was provided by Mr David Cartwright, a podiactric surgeon and Fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgeons, who gave a talk about the latest research findings on the removal of corns. This gave all of the audience a great insight into how surgeons deal with corn problems, and how the latest research could change the way that podiatrists treat persistent corn problems.

After a short break we were then treated to a talk and demonstration of how orthontics can be used to treat foot conditions, and how issues with your feet can cause strain and pain in other areas of the body.  Although orthontics are a specialised area of foot care, knowing how they work, how your feet can affect other parts of the body, and how issues with feet can be alleviated by the use of specialist orthontics is essential for foot professionals.

After a rather nice lunch in the hotel restaurant we settled down to the afternoon lectures.  The first one about neuropathy and its causes.  Neuropathy is when a disease affects nerves, which may impair sensation, and movement.  Common in diabetic and also in people with alcohol problems.

The final part of the day was taken up with an enthusiastic in-depth talk about the function and dysfunction of the plantar heel fat pad (It’s the pad under your heel, and is a very important part of your foot, and helps with balance, shock absorbing, blood supply. )

I am sure that everyone learnt a great deal  from the day and brought away with them specialist knowledge that can be used during regular appointments with their customers.

Although we tend to think that things like parts of the foot are fully understood, research is still discovering things about our bodies that were unknown until recently.